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Agata Hajdecka

Hello, my name is Agata Hajdecka. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and I run the Tukan Media brand, where I operate a shop featuring my original illustrations. I studied Art Education at the University of Opole and Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.On a daily basis, I work with computer graphics—designing various visual materials, creating websites, and maintaining a cohesive brand image for the collaborations I engage in. In my free time, I draw birds, take long walks in the forest or "wild" places, always equipped with binoculars and the BirdNet app. I complement bird drawing with reading and observing them, and I gladly participate in ornithological walks.My mission is to educate society about the bird species we encounter every day. I believe that by presenting information about birds in an attractive way, people's interest in nature will grow, fostering a desire to protect it.

How are my works created?

First, I search for several different photographs of the chosen bird, then I sketch it in a way that captures the essence of the particular species as faithfully as possible. The drawing is created digitally, directly on a graphic tablet, stroke by stroke. One illustration takes around 12 to sometimes even 20 hours of drawing. After completing the illustration, I prepare the file for printing, then I arrange for the printing, and after a few days, the bird is available for you in my store.

How are the illustrations created?

The drawing is created on a graphics tablet.

The illustration is printed in three dimensions: 13x18 cm, 21x30 cm, and 30x40 cm.

More complex illustrations take 3-4 weeks of work.

Where can you meet me?

I live in Wrocław, where I stroll through parks and forests, always with my binoculars 🙂 If you want to buy my artwork, see my bird illustrations, or just have a chat about birds, you can find me at various fairs in Wrocław, such as DobryDesign at Concordia Design.

If you want to stay updated on what's happening with me, I encourage you to follow my social media accounts!

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